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Badger on a Bike!

We have now come to the end of a truly incredible 2 years of fundraising for Naomi House. Our grand finale this year as we are sure you are well aware was Badger on a Bike...

broken bikes, worn out car brakes, swollen ankles, creaky knees, London buses, heavy colds, late nights, gale force wind and rain…you name it, it got thrown at them. BUT, through it all Jamie and Ben (not to forget their fantastic support team of Emma, Debbie, Sofie and all the house teams that joined in) kept going and going and going. On Saturday evening 18th May, 777 miles after setting off, bang on schedule and with £22,000+ raised Badger On A Bike rolled into Hall & Woodhouse in Bath. Congratulations to the whole team, a truly inspiring achievement!