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The “Great” Dorset Beer Festival 2014

New Beer Festival Image

The marquee may have gone, the casks are now dry and the headaches a dim and distant memory but I’m sure everyone who attended our 2nd Hall & Woodhouse Dorset Beer Festival would agree that an amazing day was had by all!Planning for this year’s event started back in April when the organising committee regrouped for their first meeting… What to keep? What to change? How could we build on the previous year’s success? 

Ideas started flying around with skittle alleys, food, Bedford trucks and cider shacks being thrown into the mix and the ball started rolling.Initially it seemed like a mountain to climb with marquees, loos and bands to book, breweries and sponsors to approach, bar, stillage and food to sort, glasses, tokens and programmes to order but many hands make light work!September was when it finally looked like things were happening. Our brewing team were kept busy brewing some delicious beers and casks of beer started appearing in the warehouse, glasses, tokens and programmes started arriving along with the stillage and bar. A plea went out for volunteers for the day and the response was overwhelming. One week to go and the yard was a hive of activity with the Warehouse Team, Electricians and Engineers all working their magic. Hundreds of programme packs were made up and signage, seating, banners all had to be completed for the big day! The weather was kind to us, the sun even shone for a while before being blotted out by the steam from the engines and people came in their droves to sample some of Dorset’s finest ales and ciders. Judging by the amount sold out many more will be needed for next year! The evening ended on a bizarre high with an impromptu dance off to a unique ukulele rendition of “Firestarter” by the Mother Ukers. You really couldn’t make it up…….!!Here’s to the “Great” Hall & Woodhouse Dorset Beer Festival 2015… We’ll raise a glass of Badger to that!!