Can Badgers swim?

Rain, rain go away – no seriously, please just go away! Last month was bad enough, with January down on record as the wettest in 200 years – but February isn’t shaping up to be much better, at least down here in the West Country.

In fact, we can’t remember a day when it hasn’t bucketed down and looking at the forecast there’s more to come over the weekend and next week. So while it might be nice weather for ducks, it’s not great for the poor old badger – although, and you might be surprised to hear this, as a member of the ferret family we can, when forced, swim (not very well mind you but better than the poor old armadillo which sinks like a stone!). It might not be elegant, there could be some thrashing of limbs and it certainly doesn’t like it, but show a badger some water and it will try its best.  Bottoms up!

The Badger

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