100 years to move 100 feet!


Over the past two years our brewery team has been working its socks off to design and build a new £5 million brewery and it’s now officially open!     

Just a stone’s throw from the old site the new brewery uses exactly the same quality ingredients as before so you can be sure  nothing about your favourite beers has changed! And of course with Toby  at the helm they will still be brewed with exactly the same care and attention  to detail! (He didn’t win brewer of the year for nothing!)     

At Hall & Woodhouse a new brewhouse only happens once in a generation so we have  been marking the occasion with a month long celebration culminating in our Brew  a Ha Ha dinner tonight.

To celebrate the year the company was founded there has been a 1777 theme to the recent festivities with most guests dressed in appropriate attire including (from left to right) Anthony and Mark Woodhouse along with Hall & Woodhouse Retail Director David Hoare who dressed as Napoleon and Martin Scott Finance Director David’s rationale for the Napoleon costume was that without Napoleon there would be no Badger ales as Charles Hall brewed the first Badger beer for the Weymouth based  troops who were fighting the Napoleonic war!     

So thanks to  Napoleon for ensuring that we can all enjoy Badger ales today!     

To book a tour  of the new brewery just click here.      

The Badger