A Seasonal Ale Set for Spring

hopping hare banner

Catch your pint of Hopping Hare before he hops off for the season!


Did you know that the Hare has been associated with Easter, long before the Easter bunny? The noble creature was said to bring excellent luck to any farmer that saw a Hare in their field in the springtime, as it was believed to be a manifestation of the Old English goddess of spring and fertility, Ostara. Although their appearance through folklore has painted them as clever, sneaky and even tasty, you can be sure of a run of good luck if you spot one of these elegant animals bounding about. If you are fortunate enough to get close, you might even see the knowing glint in his eye….

 Hopping Hare is a brewed with an eclectic mix of hops. Goldings and Cascade deliver an uplifting citrus-grapefruit and floral aroma, whilst Styrian Goldings add a final hit of hop when it is added to straight to the cask (a process known as dry hopping). It pairs beautifully with an Easter Roast Lamb.