Gill and John McEwen Celebrate 10 years with Hall and Woodhouse

Gill and John celebrate an impressive 10 years with Hall and Woodhouse, they first took over the Amberwood, Christchurch in 2004 and over this years it has flourished to become an extremely successful business.

Hall and woodhouse Business Partners Gill and John McEwen celebrated their 10 year anniversary of running the Amberwood, Christchurch on the 6th April. To commemorate the occasion the couple held a weekend of parties with friends, family and guests alike, playing games, quizzes and competitions all featuring themes from the year 2004.

 In the spirit of all things 2004, Gill and John rolled back the prices of pints by 10 years, so guests could enjoy a pint of Badger for just £2.15. There was a competition in which the guests had to guess prices from a till receipt from 10 years ago and they even had the  band which first played at the pub all those years ago playing at their anniversary weekend. Finally, they held a quiz focussed on news and popular culture from the year 2004 and the lucky winners received vouchers to spend at the pub.

Team members and regulars showed their appreciation for Gill and Johns hard work with fantastic gifts including flowers, national trust passes, vouchers to their favourite restaurant and a picture of them when they first took over the pub signed by everyone.

I took some time to speak to Gill about her and John’s time with Hall and Woodhouse….

What have been your highlights over the 10 years?

We love seeing happy customers return, I really think that is a mark of true success.

Why did you choose Hall and Woodhouse?

Before becoming a Business Partner I worked as a manager at the Grasshopper for Hall and Woodhouse and before that I worked as an assistant manager for a Business Partner. So all in all I started working at Hall and Woodhouse 24 years ago in 1990. Becoming a Business Partner felt like a natural progression, but the thing that really made me want to stay with Hall and Woodhouse are the values and how family orientated the company is.

What advice would you offer your fellow business partners?

I would say it’s really important to know your field, and really understand the business you are in because it will become your life. You will get as much out as you put in so give it everything and make it your home. Lastly, wear good shoes!

 I asked Gill whether she thought that she and John would make it to their 20 years and she laughed and said she wasn’t sure about that but she is looking forward to celebrating their 15th anniversary.

 Huge congratulations to Gill and John!