Great Baldini II - this time, it's personal!

baldini vs duncan

David Hoare (Development Director), otherwise known as the Great Baldini, and Duncan Rouse (Operations Manager) known on-stage as The Amazing Duncan, performed an array of magic tricks at the Crown Hotel, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Their goal was to entrance the audience to earn their favour. Guests were asked to add their donation money after each act, into a bucket held by each contestant. The performer with the least cash in their vessel at the end of the show would receive a bucket of fluorescent pink gunge over their head! The stakes were high, and the performers pulled out all the stops (sadly, no rabbits). There were tricks using cards, handkerchiefs, mind-reading and a lot of audience participation. Despite it all, Duncan was a clear winner and David was gunged from a window. The event raised £1,110 for Macmillan, and the show closed to a rapturous applause.