Night Jar Mural Wow's Guests

The Night Jar, Weston Super Mare has commissioned a unique mural to give the illusion of a garden in a tarmac area. 

Di Bradley, landlady of the Nightjar, Weston Super Mare has commissioned a local street artist, Martin Darcy to create a mural for guests to enjoy while they visit the pub. The wall started out as a place where local children could graffiti but as the concept lost popularity Di decided it was time for a change.


The mural is a lovely unique way for the pub, which doesn’t possess a beer garden, to  create an illusion of a garden in a tarmac area, it is also a fantastic way of showcasing a local talent. Martin Darcy has been an artist for 30 years and has followed in his grandfather’s footprints who was also a street artist. Although lots of people in the area are familiar with Martin’s work no one has ever seen him do anything quite like this; this was his first outside mural and his first piece of work on rough brick.

The mural took 9 days to complete and Martin worked on it for 2-4 hour sessions each day, but it may not be quite finished yet. The mural currently consists of an idyllic woodland scene with the sun or moon (either work) shining through the trees.  You can also see 7 badgers coming out of their setts to bath in the light, Martin has said he may be adding more creatures to the mural but we will just have to wait and see.

I asked Di how much input she had into the design of the mural “I had a lot of input, Martin loves trees and nature and I wanted him to feature Badgers, not only were they fitting for the scene they also tie in brilliantly with the brand.”

This piece of art has received nothing but terrific feedback, and Di even reports that some people have come to the pub just to see the mural. Comments from visitors on the Nightjar Facebook page include:

 “Well done Di and Martin. You will soon have to charge for people to have a look” and “Truly Beautiful.”

Di tells me that the photos really don’t do the mural justice so if you are ever in the area make sure you go and have a look at this impressive piece of art and have a pint of Badger of course.