Path to Prizes delivers fantastic prizes to guests

In September this year the team here at Hall & Woodhouse launched a brand new app to reward our guests for visiting multiple Hall & Woodhouse public houses. The promotion has now closed and we are delighted to have given away loads of brilliant prizes including private brewery tours, vouchers, award winning Badger Ales and much more!

While the promotion has been running guests have been able to download the free app and earn prizes for visiting our public
houses by purchasing something to eat or drink. The app features a public house search, a directory, a map and a path of 100 public houses. Each Public house features with its own profile which contains further information about the
public house with links to their websites and an book a table option.

The app featured a selection of fantastic guaranteed prizes for visiting multiple houses and a fun ‘spin the wheel’ option for the chance to win a prize of higher value. Prizes which were up for grabs included a free drink, a case of Badger Ale, a weekend away for two, private beer tasting with award winning Head Brewer Toby Heasman and £1,500 cash.

"It is a creative competition and my husband and I are both enjoying taking part as we have been to some lovely pubs which we would not usually have visited just so we could add them to our path." was one comment from a Path to Prizes winner.

If you missed out on the App this time look out for the relaunch next year. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever!