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Hall & Woodhouse - Visit-our-pubs - Ruby Rustler Seasonal Ale

Ruby Rustler Seasonal Ale

ruby rustler

An homage to the humble dormouse, Ruby Rustler is a brand-new seasonal ale, coming to Hall & Woodhouse Pubs this November, for a limited time only.

Our team at the Brewery create 6 seasonal beers for exclusive sale in Hall & Woodhouse Public Houses each year. Ruby Rustler is the sixth and final instalment in this year’s seasonal ale calendar and is a brand-new ale for 2014 it made its debut at the Hall & Woodhouse Beer Festival this September.


As the name would suggest, it’s a Ruby style beer celebrating the sleepy dormice of the Dorset countryside, brewed with crystal malt and rye and hopped with Fuggles and Galaxy to create a rich, full bodied, biscuit beer with a rich fruity hop character.

Head Brewer Toby Heasman would recommend Ruby Rustler with seasonal game, venison or succulent lamb. Definitely a beer to enjoy with a hearty Sunday Roast!