The Price of a Pint

With the announcement of 1p saving on a pint of beer in the budget, Hall & Woodhouse pass on the savings to both guests and business partners.

As you will all know, The Chancellor took  1p off the price of a pint in the Budget and this became effective as of 24th
March. I am sure you have seen the TV and newspapers and appreciate this is a hot topic with the Press/Media and public. Given this background, it was very important that Hall & Woodhouse showed integrity by passing this reduction on to our Guests.

Our Managed houses cleverly avoided the cost of re-printing all of their Tariffs and updating the tills by offering each guest the opportunity to claim their 1p back via a dish filled with 1p pieces on the bar, accompanied by a sign saying ‘Good Old George, One Pence off a pint of Beer. Please help yourself, if you don’t want your 1p then please donate it to Naomi House – Thank you.’

In Business Partnerships we passed on the duty saving to our Business Partners immediately and as well as this we have
decided to hold our draught beer prices for the fifth consecutive year in a row. None of our competitors have offered this level of support consistently over the last few years.