Toby crowned best brewer in the country – but then we already knew that!


Our head brewer Toby was crowned Brewer of the Year by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group at its annual awards dinner – they’re VIBP - Very Important Beer People!

Toby was commended for overseeing the development of our brand new brewery from design  and commission to build and full operation – whilst all the while continuing to  produce our delicious Badger Ales – now who says men can’t multi-task?!!      

Our top boy Toby was also top of his year at Heriot Watt in 1997 and since that point he hasn’t looked back His brewing career started  with a US micro brewery before leading him onto join Bass Brewers where he went  from the maltings to work in four of their breweries and qualify as a Master Brewer in 2002.

Four years later he handed in his notice to pursue his dream  with us at Hall & Woodhouse where he became our youngest ever Head Brewer in 2009 – a great decision all round!      

This year Toby was given the ‘once in a brewers lifetime’ opportunity to design and build a new brewery and for a time ran both brewhouses – which he did so successfully that he won this award!      

Well done  Toby – here’s to the next hundred years!      

The Badger