Gender pay gap report

This year, for this first time, as a business with over 250 team members, we are required to publish calculations to show the pay gap between our male and female team members.

We are committed to the principles of equal pay and opportunity for all team members. Salaries are paid according to role, experience and performance, irrespective of gender or background and we are proud to offer flexibility across our teams with a variety of roles and hours. Our values are Ambition, Dedication, Integrity, Kindness and Teamwork, and we strive to ensure fairness for all.

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women within the organisation and so compares people across different levels of the organisation. It is not a comparison of pay for people undertaking the same role.

The gender pay gap report for Hall & Woodhouse Limited is as follows by reference to 5 April 2017:

1. Median Gender Pay Gap – 8.5% (against a national average of 18.1%)
2. Mean Gender Pay Gap – 27.2%
3. Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap – 66.69%
4. Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap – 54.55%
5. The proportion of males receiving a bonus: 35.6%; the proportion of females receiving a bonus: 25.4%
6. Our pay quartiles are as follows:

Pay Quartiles
Top Quartile Upper Middle
Male 71% Male 61%
Female 29% Female 39%
Lower Middle Lower Quartile
Male 36% Male 42%
Female 64% Female 58%

We believe the existence of a pay gap is due to the fact that, at the moment, many of our senior positions are filled by men. However, we are actively nurturing new talent and two of the last three appointments to board offices have been women.

It is our aim to attract and retain the best people and to reflect our communities. We want to ensure that everyone at Hall & Woodhouse has an opportunity to progress and develop. As part of our strategy, we are looking at how to provide promotion opportunities across all backgrounds, and we are investing in leadership training in order to provide the same access to senior roles regardless of age, gender, background, race or ethnicity.

Anthony Woodhouse

Managing Director