Beer and Comfort food magic

Your favourite beers aren’t just great in a glass, they make great additions to your favourite dishes too!

As winter draws in there’s nothing better than turning to a few comfort-food classics to warm up the cold nights.  Casseroles, chillis, roasts and stews are the language of the comfort-food cook, but have you ever thought of adding a touch of beer to these classic dishes? 
Don’t worry we’re not going to go all Nigella on you and start talking about ‘oozing’ and ‘dripping’ this and that, but simply invite you to check out our recipe page on this very site!  We’ve got plenty to inspire you; but to get you started how about a spot of and Pearl Barley and Ox cheek stew, made with our fruity ruby ale, Poacher’s Choice – check out the recipe here.

It’s a simple, slow-cook wonder of a recipe!  All the effort goes in at the beginning and just a little while later you’ll have a masterpiece to enjoy!  A bit like brewing….

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