There's a new dog on the block

There’s a new limited-edition beer for 2013 on the Badger block

and we think you’ll like it. It’s called Roy Dog, after the dreaded shaggy black dog which, according to legend, hides out in its lair, a cave near Portland Bill lighthouse on the Dorset coast - a green and red-eyed beast said to be as high as a man, with the freshly plucked eyes of his victims entangled in his wild mane of fur. Terrified yet? You will be. Well, that’s how the story goes.

The beer of the same name, meanwhile, is a much more attractive proposition: a dark porter-style ale with a complex malt character derived from aromatic, crystal and chocolate malt. The Bramling Cross and Galaxy hops add a subtle blackcurrant and mango aroma. Delicious and not half as deadly as its namesake, it has initially been released internally at Hall & Woodhouse, to mark this year’s Founder’s Day celebrations.

You will soon be able to buy The Roaming Roy Dog from Badger Direct, so watch this space and just keep away from them there caves!

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