We love camping

With last week’s Glasto fever still ringing in our ears it seems only fitting that this week’s blog is about camping – especially as we’ve now got a winner for our competition to win a campervan weekend with writer and presenter Martin Dorey.

Yes, sorry folks, it’s now closed - it was a good one and we’ve been inundated with great camping tips (we expected no less from Badger drinkers – they are at one with the Great Outdoors, after all) but now it’s time to announce the winner –Clare Freeman. Her camping tip, though simple, also serves as a maxim for life: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, to quote Thomas Jefferson….  “Unless you enjoy that whiff of mildew, make sure that you spread out your tent, airbeds and sleeping bags to thoroughly air as soon as you get home. Don't just leave everything rolled up until next year!”

Excellent advice Mrs Freeman. And just to show that the Badger respects the importance of using your time wisely, excuse me for a moment while I just put my feet up and enjoy a nice cold Fursty Ferret!

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