Comfy airbeds, solar lights to mark your pitch, vacuum-packing your sleeping bags,

a cheap tarpaulin under your tent, hand sanitizer for optimum hygiene, a trench around your tent just in case it rains, even doggy-do bags to put your beer in to cool in a nearby stream! – these are some of the great  tips that you came up with for our competition to win a campervan weekend with Martin Dorey. Of course there can only be one winner, and as we announced in last week’s blog that honour went to Clare from Cambridge with her mildew-busting advice, but we reckoned you would also like to see some of our other favourites – a brilliant round-up from campers and beer lovers the length and breadth of the country, from Stockport to Southampton. 

Elena in Hull: “There are a million places to open a beer bottle on a car, the best being the metal ring that holds the door closed. Easy-peasy opening with no broken teeth.”

From Peter in Bristol: “Make sure you get your tent up BEFORE opening your case of Badger beers. It may sound simple but it does same much drinking time in the long run!”

Michelle from Framlingham in Suffolk: “Take an extra towel per person than you think you'll need.  They have many uses: can double as curtains; used as a skirt (even men - think David Beckham!); wrap up breakables; keep you warm on those chilly evenings and can even dry you when you're wet!”

And finally…. Paul from Birmingham: “When you're lying on your back looking at the stars, resting your head in the palms of your hands with the wind whispering gently through your hair like the leaves on a willow.... you've probably had your tent nicked.”


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