A new life for recycled bottles


Hall & Woodhouse teams up with producers of outdoor furniture made of recyclable materials.

Marmax Products make all kinds of robust outdoor structures, from bandstands to play areas. They take recyclable materials, and breathe new life into what would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Marmax has created a bespoke item for Hall & Woodhouse Houses to use outside, to advertise the latest offers and events. With the extra-tough characteristics of the new A-frames, they can sit just outside the pubs in the wind, rain and sunshine, and still be in tiptop condition.

So far, Hall & Woodhouse have helped Marmax save nearly 2.5 million plastic milk bottles from being dumped into landfill. In its new purpose, those recycled milk bottles will be informing passing Guests of their favourite H&W pub’s offers and latest news for years to come.