Business Partner Wine Support with Liberty Wines

Wine is an important part of any public house’s liquor portfolio and the most suitable wines for a business depends on a variety of factors including trading style and guest types.

Over the past six months we have reviewed our wine range and the support we offer to our business partners. With a variety of new wines to offer, we worked with key wine suppler Liberty Wines to host Wine Roadshows and a Wine Training Session.
We hosted three roadshows with Liberty Wines in November across the East and West of the Estate. The roadshows covered trend and market information, a background into product selection, pricing, marketing and merchandising as well as wine sampling.

 The event was well received by attendees, one business partner comments:

‘I found it very informative and has given me more knowledge on basic wines, as well as good training tips for staff’

Following the success of the wine roadshows we offered more in-depth training at the Liberty Wine Team Training Session on 22nd February at the Brewery.  The session was a chance for Business Partners and their team members to gain direct training on specific techniques to improve wine knowledge and upselling tactics.

 Thank you to all business partners and team members who attended, we hope you gained some useful information and tactics from the events.