Leaping into a Public House near you!

Our latest seasonal ale is making its debut in a pub near you this spring. Leaping Legend is on cask for the very first time

First seen in bottle last year, Leaping Legend has been delighting Badger fans across the country with its quirky combination of punchy American Amarillo hops and our more traditional British Fuggles.  The result is a refreshing beer which balances the citrus-kick of the Amarillo hop with the more refined Fuggles hop character, making it a rather drinkable pint! If we do say so ourselves!Its’ light colour might be more of a summer cue to some, but for us it’s a little shining light in the midst of the winter grey.  So pep up your step and hot foot it down to your local Hall & Woodhouse pub, because before you know it, it’ll be bounding off!