Honey Badger

Light very natural and fresh tasting, looks intriguing with the basil leaves, combined with golden champion gives a delicate smell and refreshing flavour.

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Badger Salmon and Noodle Parcels

This quick-fix supper is delicious served with Badger’s Golden Champion or Hopping Hare beers.

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Salmon noodle parcels

Badger Campfire Hotpot

A quick and tasty one-pot meal.  Easy to cook on a camp stove and can be scaled up for bigger groups or appetites!

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Campfire hotpot

Badger Baked Eggs and Bacon

A Badger-style twist on a classic combination!  Perfect for a campfire cook-out.

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Baked eggs and bacon

The Ginger Badger cocktail

A zesty short cocktail, best served in a martini glass.

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Perfect Pairings

Goes great with: