Fursty Ferret

First Gold_new bottle
First Gold_new bottle
4.40% abv

Fursty Ferret has a sweet nutty palate, hoppy aroma and a hint of Seville oranges, give this tawny amber ale its distinctive personality. Recommended with smooth and creamy West Country Cheddar or indulgent pork pies and mustard.

  • Tawny, light golden brown
  • Delicate spicy hop, orange, malty
  • Malty, sweet/bitter balance

Pack Format

  • Available in Cask. 4.40% Cask
  • Available in Bottle 500ml. 4.40% Bottle 500ml
  • Not currently available in Can 400ml
  • Available in Can 500ml. 4.40% Can 500ml

Fursty Ferret Awards

Taste of the West Awards 2010 Bronze
British Bottlers Institute Awards 2004 Winner
  • Golden Champion_new bottle Golden Champion
  • Golden glory_new bottle Golden Glory
  • Englands Own_new bottle England's Own
  • Blandford flyer_new bottle Blandford Flyer
  • Poachers choice_new bottle Poacher's Choice
  • Applewood_new bottle Applewood Cider
  • Pearwood_new bottle Pearwood Cider
  • Hopping hare_new bottle Hopping Hare
  • First Gold_new bottle Fursty Ferret
  • Tanglefoot_new bottle Tanglefoot
  • First Gold_new bottle Badger First Gold

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  3. Tanglefoot_new bottle Tanglefoot