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Nothing beats the thirst-quenching sip of a proper pint post walk — or before, for that matter. Fortunately, our haunts are nestled in some of the most beautiful walking spots in all the South, perfectly positioned for a pitstop after a lovely scenic stroll. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite pub walks complete with unmissable local landmarks, dog-friendly fun and hints and tips on the route.

Credit to Tess of the Vale for producing the Woodhouse Walks, Badger Trails, photos and maps on behalf of Hall and Woodhouse

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A stroll worthy of royalty

Duchess of Cornwall – Woodhouse Walk

From the brand new town of Poundbury, wander into an ancient Roman landscape, following the route of a road and aqueduct. Explore the fields and forests of the hills to dip down into the lush valleys of the Cerne and the Frome. Pass a pond that was the fatal last hurdle on a prisoner’s escape from Dorchester gaol. Visit the Hangman’s cottage, the Roman town house, the Roman wall and the writer Thomas Hardy himself. Meet the mighty Keep before exploring the remains of Poundbury Hillfort, with views over the Frome’s river meadows. Then return to the Duchess of Cornwall Inn via the fresh, colourful scenery of Poundbury.

7 miles / 11km

3 hours


Lulworth Cove Inn to Smugglers Inn

Lulworth Cove Inn – Badger Trail Ride

From the Lulworth Cove Inn cycle the chalk hills and absorb the sights along the Jurassic coastline to the Smugglers Inn. Climb out the valley to Daggers Gate, with its own little legend, to begin the rural route along paths of the original Customs Officials while they patrolled the cliff tops for smugglers. Pass Durdle Door, Bats Head and the slopes of Scratchy Bottom as the wide views stretch from St Aldhelm’s Head in the East to the Isle of Portland in the West. Skim the small settlement of Ringstead to descend and rise again to Coombe Bottom with views of the White Horse. Cut through the small village of Osmington before following the narrow river valley to the coast and the Smugglers Inn.

9.5 miles / 15km 

3 Hours


Find the ancient fossil forest

Lulworth Cove Inn – Woodhouse Walk

From Lulworth Cove, discover Little Bindon, a small monastery founded nearly 1000 years ago. Today it is a fenced off ruin, hidden amongst overgrown trees and in the company of deer. Continue to Pepler’s Point to appreciate the cove from up high. Find the ancient fossil forest and a hidden smugglers cave before climbing the mighty Bindon Hill. All while enjoying the views of the Jurassic Coastline, from St Aldhelm’s Head to the Isle of Portland. Follow Bindon’s ridge, skirting historic earthworks to the end, and down into West Lulworth, returning to The Lulworth Cove Inn.

5 miles / 8km

3 hours


Discover pirate secrets

The Smuggler’s Inn – Woodhouse Walk

From the smuggling coastline of Osmington, explore inland to discover pirate secrets in the nearby village of Osmington. Follow the River Jordan to Sutton Poyntz, in the shadow of Chalbury Hill fort. Visit the ducks of the village before climbing up to the chalk White Horse, there to honour a mad king. From the ridge, enjoy the impressive views across the stunning Jurassic coastline to then descend back to the village, with scenes admired, and painted, by the artist John Constable. Finally trace the footsteps of smugglers to return to the Pub

7 miles / 11km

3 hours


Smugglers Inn to Lulworth Cove Inn

Smugglers Inn – Badger Trail Ride

From the Smugglers Inn in Osmington Mills, cycle the hills and absorb the sights, to Lulworth Cove. Pass through the village of Osmington to admire the White Horse from the high ridge of Coombe Bottom to then descend and rise again to Ringstead. Enjoy the wide views from St Aldhelm’s head in the East to the Isle of Portland in the West. Follow the paths of the original Customs Officials while they patrolled the cliff tops for smugglers, passing White Nothe, Bats Head and Durdle Door. Meet the road at Daggers Gate, with its own little legend, to then cycle down to Lulworth Cove.

9.5 miles / 15km 

3 Hours