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It has always been the H&W family’s commitment to reinvest in our businesses — from the brewery that started it all, to the carefully accumulated collection of beautiful pubs and the refreshingly characterful brands we’ve built since. We will continue to invest in our businesses for generations to come.

Beloved Badger Beer

Badger beer is the golden thread running through our business. In fact, we are so protective of our beer quality that our prized cask ale is only served in our pubs. Lovers of Badger beer outside the South of England can find our award-winning bottled ales in leading supermarkets and off-licences (nationally and internationally).

Behind the Beer

Forum lager is more than just a lager with our name on it, it’s a reflection of the sociability of enjoying a refreshing beer with friends and family.

A forum is a meeting or gathering of minds, where views can be exchanged and debated — our pubs have been just such forums since Victoria was on the throne. Forum is also the second half of the name of our beloved Dorset home, the town of Blandford Forum — the only place that Forum lager is brewed.

Tasting Notes

A clean, refreshing Helles-style, pale lager, with a delicate flavour from the Weihenstephan yeast and a subtle fruity lemon character from Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops. (ABV 4.2%). But don’t just take our word for it, to join the conversation and try it now. Search our pubs…

Sunshine in a can

Or as we put it: A delicious blend of 10% real tropical fruit and juice (orange, guava, apricot, mango and passion fruit) in lightly sparkling spring water.

Inspired by the sunny, optimistic and laid-back vibes of Brazil’s most famous and loved city, our Rio soft drink brand was born out of a mission to help people make the most out of life’s everyday good times. From lazy hot and sunny days in the park, to the early work finish, to the post gym buzz, there are moments in our everyday when we want refreshment that enhances and compliments our feel good mood.

With its honest and down to earth personality, sunny perspective on life, and mouth-watering taste, Rio prides itself on being the ultimate in feel good refreshment and the drink for the people who see the sunnier side of life.

Why Colourful Coffee?

Because coffee shouldn’t just be

black or white.

With our Colourful Coffee brand, we seek to transform the reputation of our public houses as natural venues for enjoying hot drinks. With an artisan hot drink offering, and our quirky, colourful concept, we create spaces that embody a coffee house within a public house. Somewhere guests can read, relax, and enjoy.

About our Beans

Our ‘Rocket Espresso’ comes from our friends at Extract Coffee Roasters in Bristol and is a combination of great coffee and coffee ethics. This special blend changes seasonally and comprises of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Peru and Columbia, delivering a naturally sweet and full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate and caramel to finish.

For the Sweet-toothed

We don’t mean to brag, but we have it from several good sources (our guests) that our hot chocolate is pretty special. Our indulgent Dark Hot Chocolate balances the bittersweet flavour of rich cocoa with subtle, fruity black cherry notes. Whereas our luxurious White Hot Chocolate is mellow, milky and deliciously sweet.

We’re British for Tea

From misty mountains and sun-kissed plains, the independent British company, Canton Tea, brings us the world’s very best artisan teas and herbal infusions. Canton specialise in loose leaf tea from China and Taiwan, buying seasonally and direct from small, traditional, family-run tea farms to ensure our brews are fresh and full of flavour.
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