What we're made of

Company Values

Hall & Woodhouse is a values led business where Team members feel:

  • Appreciated
  • Both they and the Company are moving forward
  • Part of the H&W family, which is cherished by our communities

Our values were established by exploring the things we were proud of and our successes both in the past and the present. There were certain common threads , common values underpinning them. It is these common threads, these values, that will also underpin Hall & Woodhouse’ success in the future.

They are the ADIKT values:

  • Ambition… we can always do things better
  • Dedication… we strive to be brilliant at what we do
  • Integrity… we do the right thing
  • Kindness… we treat others as they want to be treated
  • Teamwork… we play as a Team to win and have fun

It is important to recognise that these are not new, not plucked out of thin air because they sounded good, but are rooted in our past, active in our present and will drive our success in the future.