What we're made of

Internal Awards

Our common purpose: To make people’s day

We will work hard to ensure that our fellow Team members look forward to and enjoy their work.

For every Guest, every Customer, every Partner, whatever the occasion (a malt delivery, a meeting with a Business Partner, a Guest having a quick after work beer or their wedding day) every Team member will do everything they can to ensure their experience with Hall & Woodhouse is the highlight of their day.

Making People’s Day involves creating lots of little “Huh, wasn’t that nice” moments. The cumulative effect of these moments is a huge WOW at the end of the time they spend with us.

  1. September 2015 Daymaker Draw

    The September Daymaker Draw Winners are:


    Charlotte Lilley´╗┐ for going the extra mile resolving an invoice


    Jamie Bartlett´╗┐ for creating amazing dishes at the Hangleton Manor

    Internal Awards Charlotte Lilley
    Internal Awards Jamie Bartlett
  2. August 2015 Daymaker Draw

    The August Daymaker Draw Winners are:


    Natasha Bartlett for great note taking


    Kesha Biggs for a fantastic result for the kitchen review at the Ship and Shovell

    Internal Awards Natasha Bartlett
    Internal Awards Kesha Biggs
  3. July 2015 Daymaker Draw

    The July Daymaker Draw Winners are:


    Graham Steele for putting in the extra time during a busy season


    Amanda Pilcher for helping out back-stage whilst managing the Jolly Sailor

    Internal Awards Graham Steele
    Internal Awards Amanda Pilcher